This free application allows you to localize motocross and supercross circuits. This App has two kind of users.

Pilots: The ones, who download the app, do motocross and are interested in the location, characteristics and other amenities of the circuits as well as receiving circuit’s notifications. 

Circuits: The owners or managers of circuits, who through a private access are in charge of sending notifications to keep the users informed of the state of the circuit, especial events and hours of operation.




You will have free access to the app and through GPS system, you will find a list of all the circuits that are not available and will appear in order according to the location and distance you are from each circuit.


Each circuit has a technical data sheet with some relevant information to pilots.

  • Distance from your location to the circuit.
  • Photo of the circuit.
  • Description of the circuit and its facilities.
  • Data of interest: Cost, hours of operations, bar, restrooms, photographer on site, Moto Wash, Cronos, 
  • Contact information
  • HOW TO GET THERE button that activates the GPS.
  • Onboard Video of the circuit. 
  • 5 Days complete weather forecast. 
  • Users Ratings
  • Circuit Notifications

We take you there :

Once you select the circuit that you want to go to just click on it and a red button that says "How To get" will activate the mobile GPS and give you direction on how to get to the circuit you just selected.

User Ratings:

Once the user is clear about which circuit he or she wants to go to, simply access the circuit card and click on the red "HOW TO GET THERE" button, this will open the GPS of the mobile phone with the indications to take you to the circuit of interest. It's that easy.

Get notifications !

Each circuit has an administrator that allows them to send notifications to keep you informed of:

  • Circuit availability for the weekend.
  • Events and races. 
  • Promotions. 
  • Circuit upgrades. 
  • Closed days and reason. 
  • You will also be able to provide any helpful comments about the circuit for other users to read.

Register new circuits !

If you know a circuit that does not appear in our platform, you will be able to register it by filling out a simple form. Not matter in which state or country you are in at that moment. 

Register a circuit!



What is the App for? 

As circuit owner, the application is a great tool. 
  • You will be able to send notifications to all total users. 
  • It will informed you at all times of how many users will receive notifications.

  • Users will get to the circuit installation by GPS. 
  • You will be able to update the circuit information at any time in order to keep the users updated.
  • You will be able to see the user’s ratings.


How the administrator works?

To access to the administrator there is two options:

  • Through the App: In menu App: CIRCUIT ACCESS
  • Through the Web: In menu Web: CIRCUIT ACCESS


You will have to enter the access key that had been sent to the email that you registered with.

Password: XXXXXXX

Once you login you will be able to see the


It will be a text box where you will be able write the message or notification to be send to any user account within 300 characters maximum. 

You will be able to send a maximum of two notifications per week.


  • At all times you will know to how many users your message will reach.
  • You will know how many circuits are registered in the app. 
  • You will know how many notifications have you sent.

Editing the circuit’s Data:

You will have the possibility to update the circuit’s information, contact details, videos, hours of operations and any other information that you may need to edit.

This is the administrator's design





Promote the App Download

In order for your notifications to be effective, it is necessary to promote the download of the app among the pilots who visit the circuits.The more pilots download the app to the more users will be notified.

The dynamic could be as following:

Do you know the Mxcircuit application? YES/NO

No: OK, it is free and you can download it at:

  • App Store for iPhone

  • Google Play for Android.
  • Or entering www.mxcircuit.net 

In addition, it explains a little the advantages you will get after installing it.

Remember that once someone downloads the App will become a new user to whom you will be able to send messages or notifications of your circuit.

The Mxcircuit team will be constantly working on promoting more downloads from new users through Social Media: Facebook/YouTube/Instagram/website. Where you could also find the information about any changes and updates done to the App.


Free material!






The mxcircuit team will be constantly working on getting downloads from new users, for which channels such as Facebook / youtube / web page have been created. In them you will constantly find information about the new features and evolution of the app. In addition, there will be investments in SEM, Facebook ads, video ads on youtube, segmentables. This means that we are only interested in recruiting new users who are really interested in motocross, we will know that thanks to the search terms on the internet. This is what promotes the download of new users that we cannot reach with word of mouth.




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App developed by:

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